Queue Management System

As Qmatic Premier Solution Partner, FLORA Technology offers market-leading solutions within the Customer Experience Management (CEM) category designed to support great face-to-face experiences in your store, branch, or hospital. Qmatic also provides innovative, efficient, and secure integration gateways to other ecosystems to enable you to deliver seamless customer journeys.




  • Improve customer convenience by offering 24/7 access to your online appointment booking service
  • Make the best use of both your time and your customers’ time
  • Reduce no-shows and walk-aways
  • Connect your best employees with your most important customers
  • Plan ahead for the benefit of you and your customers
  • Being able to book an appointment that suits them will make your customers feel valued and empowered, while you can plan ahead and better utilize staff and resources to create a more efficient workflow


At Qmatic, our mobile solutions put the customer in control. By seamlessly bridging the gap between the online world and the real word, our mobile solutions allow you to start communicating with your customers the moment they decide on the service they need.

Orchestra Concierge is a completely new app for the mobile workforce. It empowers employees to provide more personalized and better service in meet & greet situations.

Orchestra Connect and Solo Connect are smart business apps that gets employees out from behind a counter and onto the service floor, to attend to customers more directly and personally

MyFunWait is an end customer mobile ticket application, that can be used for demo purposes. It allows customers to virtually queue with their mobile phone while utilizing the waiting time to test their skills or knowledge on games and quizzes.


Measure real-time, customer satisfaction to drive improvements.

  • Increase Management/Employee/Member engagement
    • Align internal departments
    • Keep management focused on the right things
    • Reinforce and reward good employee behavior

  • Improve business processes
    • Identify what is working well and what needs to improve
    • Measure the impact of business improvement decisions and investments
    • Create a customer focused culture

  • Create powerful marketing strategies
  • Influence prospective buyers/partners
  • Prevent lost sales

By asking customer’s for their feedback, particularly unspecified feedback, you open yourself up to suggestions and preferences of the exact people you want to keep, and gain more of. This could be anything, will certainly generate actionable feedback.


Wide range of powerful tools to analyse data. Easy to export to other formats, for example Microsoft Excel. Fully centralized – all data available from one place.

  • Organize and understand vital information simply and quickly with drag-and-drop data fields and point-and-click analytics.

  • Simple, secure web-based mobile business analytics give employees the ability to make informed decisions at any time, wherever they are.

  • Visualize, dissect, and analyze customer journey management data to identify the most important business metrics, trends and exceptions.

    Create stunning visuals using images, videos and web pages. Integrate the journey process information and schedule playlists from within Orchestra

    Delivering helpful information in the waiting zone makes people positive about your services and message. Link and display contextual marketing or informational messages across surfaces


    The configuration is deployed to your branches where the customers are served. The resulting statistical data is then reported back when a network connection is present.
    The workload resulting from processing all customer journeys is distributed within your network.
    If your central server or database needs planned maintenance or experiences an unexpected outage, your branches will continue to work during the outage.