FACE – Flora Advanced Customer Evaluation

Flora Advances Customer Evaluation

Flora Survey Management System and Feedback Solutions

offers complete control of your target lists, survey design, analysis and reporting

  • Question format - ask a question in any format, layout and arrangement.
  • Reusing resources - Flora Survey Management System and Feedback Solutions encourages re-use of surveys, questions, lists, headers/ footers etc.
  • Applications - in addition to regular surveys, Flora Survey Management System and Feedback Solutions can provide the technology for; easy tests, user registration, Complaint Form, etc.
  • The database is openly available, and can be integrated with other systems

Employee/User Management

View Employee Profile

User, Roles and Permissions

Open to integrate with Active Directory/HRMS

Survey Management

Different Look & Feel for Web and Tablet devices

Sends acknowledgment Email/SMS to submitter

Forwards/Backward Wizard like flow

                             Validation for Email, Number Range, Date Range, Mandatory

                             Page-breaks for Web view

                             Scheduling the Survey

                             Bilingual (English/Arabic)

                             Can Integrate with External Data for data like Departments List

                             Non-linear Survey creation and management workflow

Questions Management

Predefined/Fixed Questions

Multiple/Single Choice Questions

Slide Scale, Smiley Choice Questions


Dashboard shows charts of Analytical questions.

Export complete Raw Data to Excel format.

Export basic Analysis of Survey Results into Excel and Charts.