Retail Solutions



we offer a broad range of Industrial Barcode Printers for a variety of applications and duty cycles to meet the needs of many industries. We offer world class printers that cover a broad range of printing solutions for customers printing less than 4000 labels per day to 24/7 mission critical printing needs.

All kind of direct thermal printer or thermal transfer printer. Whether you're printing asset labels, shipping labels or wristbands. With a large selection of Desktop printers, Industrial printers and Mobile printers, we have the barcode printer you need for your application, regardless of the size or environment.


Cordless or Wireless Barcode Scanners use radio frequencies, or Bluetooth technology, similar to cordless phones to send scanned information back to a dock or cradle base station that is attached to a computer via a USB, Serial or other connection cable. The cordless range will vary by model from 33ft to over 200ft. Cordless Scanners Scanner can dramatically improve any application where a cable could get damaged or limit access to items being scanned.


Preventative measures should be teamed with the technology of an Electronic Article Surveillance security system in your store for maximum anti-theft protection for retailers of all sizes.

• Apply security tags to all high-shrink merchandise. The tag will alarm on exit if it has not been removed by the sales assistant

• Security tags are the perfect anti-shoplifting device as they are a clear and visible deterrent for shoplifters, while unobtrusive to customers

• All types of merchandise can be “tagged” and is therefore a viable option for any retailer

• A system can be suited for all budgets, locations and store fit-out.


We also provide direct thermal or thermal transfer barcode labels, ribbon, RFID tags, and shipping labels that are commonly used. We carry hard-to-find label sizes and custom labels specific to your application.


Handheld, Industrial, Android, Windows, Rugged, & More Our Mobile Computers, portable data terminals, and handheld computers are the perfect multi-use tool for your advanced data capture and mobility needs. With options for batch and real-time wireless (Wi-Fi and Cellular) data capture, we have units for every application and environment. We also equip our mobile computers with Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Android operating systems to ensure seamless software integration with your back-end systems.

Lastly, our mobile devices come in a variety of form factors such as gun-grip, wearable and even some as small as your smartphone, while still maintaining a higher level of ruggedness and barcode scanning capability.


The first step in making an effective ID card system is choosing a printer that will meet the demands of your application. Making a high quality PVC card requires the right type of printer with support for the security features your business needs. Shop our selection of Datacard, Fargo, and Zebra printers.


Print on one side of an ID card Full-color or monochrome printing capability Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options Direct-to-card or stunning reverse transfer printing technology Some models upgradeable to dual-sided printing or lamination


Ability to print on both sides of an ID Card Full-color or monochrome Magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless encoding options Direct-to-card or stunning reverse transfer printing technology Some models upgradeable to lamination


Extend the life of your ID Card with lamination protection Added security from forgery Full-color or monochrome Magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless encoding options Direct-to-card or stunning reverse transfer printing


Bright vibrant color images Produce “Over-the-edge” image coverage Available in single or dual-sided printers Card surface interruptions such as smart chips, ridges caused by internal RFID antennae and debris do not affect print quality Magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless encoding options

Point of sale

Our retail point of sale system helps you manage every aspect of your retail store. Whether you run a single or multiple location business, our cloud-based POS system can optimize your retail business, by tracking your inventory, taking care of your reporting and accounting, processing sales and managing your employees.

Retail pos software

A ready-to-use retail software that provides point-of-sale billing, inventory control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty program. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to train new employees in less time and open more stores. Not only we make the POS billing easier, we help you manage the entire operation from financial accounting to inventory control. Our integrated CRM helps you increase the lifetime value of each customer to a much higher level!

Complete retail erp

FusionRetail is a single software platform to save you from complexity of maintaining separate software for POS, back office, customer loyalty program and web store

Flexible and secure

You can start small and scale up as you grow. Just add modules & users as you need, stagger the cost and stay efficient. You get more time for planning new stores, customer service and maximizing profits.