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Flora offers technical support to more than 1000 clients all over Qatar. Also, as we are keen on helping our clients with round-the- clock assistance, we have created a 24X7 call center, and 20 support teams which are fully equipped with the knowledge and the necessary tool and trained by our international partners.

Why Flora Group for Technology Support Solutions?

  • Multi-channel contact center
  • highest-level of quality and personalized services.
  • Rapid response time.
  • Multiple Maintenance options to fit your needs
  • We can also undertake overhaul/repairs of subassemblies / assemblies at an extra cost
  • Customized Support as per costumers Business requirement
  • On call Support, Tele Support, Chat Support, email Support
  • Remote access Technical Support if requires
  • Replacement of the parts with in the time when the problem arises
  • Single Window Support to all your support Needs
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Preventive Maintenance

    Benefits & scope:
  • Preventive maintenance involves the periodic and systematic inspection of equipment, machinery, tools and other assets used in operations that wear with time and use.
  • Preventive maintenance includes light repair work performed according to a schedule, the detection and identification of issues in advance and the correction of any problems discovered.
  • Preventive maintenance stops larger failures from occurring, potentially saving a company significant time and money.
  • The service component usually includes any corrective work done on an asset to restore it to its prime operating state.
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Services and Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Q-matic Queue Management System
  • Access control system
  • CCTV Camera Installation & Maintenance
  • Time Attendance
  • Assets Managements
  • Barriers, Hidden E-Gates
  • Server / Storage & IT Support and Services
  • Network Cables, Data and Telephone Line Termination
  • Installation, cable pulling, termination

Multi-channel Contact centre

    Our trained coordinators will grab reported incidents however it comes.
  • Web
  • Call Center.
  • Emergency Mobile numbers.
  • Email

End-To-End support and maintenance solutions

  • Multiple services and solutions.
    • On time hardware repairs.
      • 99% spare parts availability.
        • Software analysis and support.
          • Preventive maintenance to ensure system continuity.

Our Professional Team

  • We Provide our customers and partners with an expert team of professionals certified & well trained.
  • Experienced on Frequent issues and able to easily identify and provide solutions.
  • Geographically distributed across Qatar.
  • Fully equipped with the right tools and spare parts

Rapid Response Time

  • Issues are Immediately logged and identified.
  • Initial response time is under 30 minuets.
  • Customers will be well informed about the process of their incident.
  • The right team will be immediately assigned to work on the incident.
  • Ability for remote support.